Payment options

Bank transfer:

You can do prepayment to our bank account. After receiving the money we will send your order as soon as possible. Our bank account details can be found in the order confirmation you got after your purchase. Otherwise feel free to ask.
Please note: for larger orders, we have many business customers choosing international bank transfer as payment option. In this case they benefit from the low interbanking fees (compared to Paypal payments). Payment must be made in EURO with NO FEE (OUR) option for the receiver. Please contact your bank to get to know how to pay on foreign bank accounts in EUR, that the full amount arrives here without interbanking fees. Sometimes its better use a bank transfer provide like TRANSFERWISE, WORLDREMIT or AZIMO.


With Paypal you can easily pay online - immediately. So your order can be shipped as fast as can be. With Paypal you can pay with all common credit cards. Please note that you can not pay tobacco or hemp products with Paypal! Please choose a different payment option.


Sofortbanking is another digital payment network which is comfortable for paying directly from you bank account. The advantage: We will get the payment immediately and your order can be shipped as soon as possible. For further information, please visit the Sofortbanking Website. Please note that this payment option will only be displayed for designated countries in the European area.

Credit Card payment VISA/Mastercard:

Credit Card payment is available if you have a Paypal account. Then you can select Paypal payment and use your credit card for payment. We will offer direct credit card payment soon!